The 2022 Australian Building and Construction Commission employee census highlights report is now available.

Highlights from the ABCC’s 2022 results

The ABCC’s key results from the 2022 APS Census include:

  • Wellbeing index score of 85%, ranking 2nd of out 98 agencies.
  • Leadership - immediate supervisor score of 83%, ranking 3rd of 98 agencies
  • Communication index score of 79%, ranking 3rd of 98 agencies
  • Employee engagement score of 79%, ranking 13th out of 98 agencies
  • Leadership - SES manager index score of 78%, ranking 10th of 98 agencies.

The APS Census response period coincided with the 2022 federal election. Despite this, and uncertainties about the agency's future, the ABCC recorded a high participation rate with 86% of eligible staff participating.

You can read the ABCC’s highlights report now.

Staff wellbeing index

The ABCC’s wellbeing index score of 85% provides a measure of the practical and cultural elements that allow for a sustainable and healthy working environment. The ABCC’s performance in this measure is highlighted in the chart below.

Bar chart showing ABCC ranked 2nd out of 90 agencies

The graph displays the overall index score of each agency for wellbeing policies and support indices compared to the overall APS index score and the scores of other agencies.

Along the line (y-axis) are the index scores. The height of the bar (x-axis) is how many agencies have that index score. Please note, the y-axis values are not consecutive as only index scores received by an agency are represented.

About the APS Employee Census

The Australian Public Service Commission reports annually on the ‘state of the APS’ in the State of the Service Report.  

The APS Employee Census is a voluntary and confidential annual survey that provides insight into the views of APS employees on important issues in the workplace. The census is an opportunity for employees to tell the Australian Public Service Commissioner and agencies what they think about working in the APS.

Find out more about the APS employee census.

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