Leadership and structure

ABCC Structure

The Building and Construction Industry (Improving Productivity) Act 2016 provides for a Commissioner to be appointed by the Minister for Employment. The Commissioner is assisted by the number of Deputy Australian Building and Construction Commissioners appointed from time to time.

Stephen McBurney was appointed as the Commissioner of the Australian Building and Construction Commission for five years commencing on 6 February 2018.

The Deputy Commissioner Operations and Code is responsible for operational matters, including leading the administration of the Building Code 2016. Three regional managers and the National Manager Building Code report to the Deputy Commissioner Operations and Code.

The Deputy Commissioner WA, SA and NT is responsible for overseeing the inspectorate, stakeholder management, advice and education to industry, and making recommendations for court action in the Western Region, and for assisting the Commissioner with national policy matters.

The General Counsel and the Chief Operating Officer report directly to the Commissioner.


ABCC Leadership


  • Stephen McBurney

Deputy Commissioner Operations and Code

  • Cathy Cato

Deputy Commissioner WA, SA and NT

  • Cliff Pettit

Regional Manager Northern

  • Piet Hooker

Regional Manager Eastern

  • Peter Darlaston

Regional Manager Southern

  • Murray Gregor

National Manager Building Code

  • Janine Drennan

General Counsel

  • Shamim Saeedi

Chief Operating Officer

  • Jill Jepson

















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