Service Charter

The Australian Building and Construction Commission (ABCC) commenced operations on 2 December 2016. 

The ABCC promotes an improved workplace relations framework to ensure that building work is carried out fairly, efficiently and productively for the benefit of all building industry participants, without distinction, and for the benefit of the Australian economy as a whole. 

The vision of the ABCC is that all Australian building and construction workplaces are fair, efficient and productive.

The mission of the ABCC is to ensure that the rule of law prevails in the Australian building and construction industry.

About the Service Charter

This Service Charter sets out:

  • the values that guide our service
  • the standards of service you can expect from us
  • the steps you may take if these standards are not met.

ABCC is held accountable through the courts, Parliament and the Commonwealth Ombudsman.

Values of the ABCC

ABCC assists the building and construction industry by being impartial, committed to service, accountable, respectful and ethical.

Our service to you

In our dealings with stakeholders, ABCC staff are committed to:

  • providing a service that is independent, consistent, professional and responsive
  • being openly accountable, unbiased, evidence based, objective, courteous, reasonable, fair, equitable and in line with natural justice.


You can contact us by telephone, fax, email or in person. Our contact details, office locations and business hours are listed separately at the back of this Service Charter.

We will identify ourselves to you when you contact us. All correspondence sent to you will include a contact name and telephone number.

We will follow up telephone messages within three business days. Correspondence requiring a response will be acknowledged as soon as possible and the response will be provided within 28 days. If we cannot respond in this timeframe we will keep you informed of the progress until a response is prepared.

If we are not the appropriate organisation to assist you, we will refer you to one that is.


You will be able to obtain guidance and information about your rights and responsibilities under the legislation we administer.

On request, we will arrange for  a ABCC staff member to present this guidance and information in person.

We will provide information and guidelines in plain language. We will refer you to the Australian Government’s interpreting service if a translator is required.

We will respect your rights to privacy and confidentiality.

Complaints and feedback

ABCC welcomes your feedback including complaints, compliments and suggestions. You can provide feedback and comments via email, letter, the ABCC website enquiry page, or by contacting our offices.

We value your right to complain. Our complaints handling process is the Australian Standard on complaints handling.

If you are dissatisfied with our service, we will resolve the issue by:

  • speaking with the relevant staff member
  • speaking to that staff member’s supervisor.

If you are not satisfied, or if the above suggestions are not appropriate in the circumstances, you can write to the Commissioner. The Commissioner will respond within 14 days.

External Review

If you are not satisfied with the outcome of your complaint or how your complaint was managed, there are four avenues for external review available to you.

  • Commonwealth Ombudsman 1300 362 072
  • Privacy Commissioner 1300 363 992
  • Administrative Appeals Tribunal 1800 228 333
  • Human Rights and Equal Opportunity Commissioner 1300 656 419

Review of the Service Charter

Reports on the level of our service performance, complaints and feedback are made to Government annually through the ABCC Annual Report.

ABCC contact details

Hotline: 1800 00 33 38

7am to 5pm, Monday – Friday 


Postal Address: GPO Box 9927

Melbourne VIC 3001

Facsimile: 03 8509 3022

South Australia / Northern Territory

Postal Address: GPO Box 9927

Adelaide SA 5001

Facsimile: 08 8402 9260


Postal Address: GPO Box 9927

Brisbane QLD 4001

Facsimile: 07 3223 1611

Western Australia

Postal Address: GPO Box 9927

Perth WA 6001

Facsimile: 08 9464 4248

New South Wales / Australian Capital Territory

Postal Address: GPO Box 9927

Sydney NSW 2001

Facsimile: 02 8255 6016


Address: GPO Box 9927

Hobart TAS 7001

Facsimile: 02 6276 9653

Need more information?

For further information, advice or assistance please contact the ABCC at 1800 003 338 or enquiry [at]